Fortunate Fall

Fortunate Fall is a three piece from Inglewood, CA. With Wesley Richards on guitar and vocals, Nathan Evan Williams on drums and Paul Allen on bass and backup vocals, the band formed in 2012 and released their first full length in July of 2013. The album was originally pulled from the shelves due to what is being called the Proximate Neural Evisceratory Combustion, where listeners were experiencing their brains simultaneously combust and implode at the same time. Needless to say, big brother got involved and after slowing the album down a few hundred BPM it is now safe for private use. Camera Obscura comes from the same birth machine as FF’s first album, incubated at brutal temperatures in the hell-like conditions of frontman and lead guitarist Wesley Richards’s mind. The new album builds on the sound FF has become known for, stretching further into the extreme and partying just a little bit harder, just hard enough you might say. After initial testing, we do not suggest listening to Camera Obscura while pregnant, if you have a serious heart condition, or if you have every been to the southern coast of Mali.